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Periodic Table Magnets

$21.00 NZD

Periodic Table Magnets for your fridge – Elementary!


Use these Periodic Table Magnets to learn about the elements, from Hydrogen through to Ununoctium, and to spell out fun words on your fridge! Each individual element has its own colourful magnet to help you learn and play.


  • Suitable for ages 5+
  • Can make over 10,000 words!
  • 25cm when periodic table is arranged in full
  • Includes metal tin for storage


The Russian scientist Dmitri Mendeleev is generally credited with the design of the Periodic Table. He used it to map those elements known at the time and also to predict elements that had not yet been discovered. The periodic table has proven to be an extraordinarily valuable scientific tool of discovery.


This magnet set is also available for purchase in store at Space Place.