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Teardrop Storm Glass

$110.00 NZD

This quality Teardrop Storm Glass, with its ever changing crystals, was historically used to forecast the weather.


This special piece is hand-blown from glass in a stunning teardrop shape, and with its constantly evolving crystals, it is a gorgeous decorative gift idea for the person who has everything or someone who finds meteorology fascinating.


How the storm glass works is still a mystery. It is based on the principle that temperature and pressure affect solubility, sometimes resulting in clear liquid; other times causing precipitants to form.


The Storm Glass Barometer came into general use in the early 1700s by sailors who relied on it to predict fair or foreboding conditions at sea. It was popularised by Admiral Robert Fitzroy after his historic voyage on the HMS Beagle. Fitzroy refined the chemical formulation and published observational guidelines on how the appearance of the liquid indicated changing weather conditions.


How to read:

Clear Liquid: Bright and clear weather

Cloudy Liquid, sometimes with small stars and crystals at the top: Cloudy weather and often predicts thunderstorms and rain.

Small Stars in Liquid: Humid or foggy weather

Large Flaky Crystals: Cloudy skies, snow in winter

Threads of Crystals At The Top: Windy Weather

Crystals At The Bottom: Frost may be coming


  • Hand blown teardrop shaped storm glass
  • Comes with stand
  • Care and use: always keep on a flat surface and avoid shaking
  • Because temperature changes contribute to the process, it can be inefficient in air-conditioned buildings.
  • This is not a toy and should be kept away from children


This product is also available for purchase in store at Space Place.