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Polymer Snow Test Tube

$10.00 NZD

Create a winter wonderland in seconds with this Polymer Snow Test Tube!


This snow is made of tiny white polymers. When water is added to it, they will absorb water molecules through osmosis and increase to 100x their original size.


Feel the snow – it’s actually cold, just like the real thing! As the water evaporates the polymers will shrink to their original size, ready to use again.


Add water to this granular white powder and watch it instantly expand. The result is a fluffy artificial snow that feels as cool as it looks! Our snow won’t ‘melt’ but it can be dehydrated and re-used. Great for teaching endothermic and exothermic reactions, this is a great demonstration of interest to students and educators of all ages and abilities.


  • White polymers in reusable test tube
  • Instructions included
  • Warning: Do not eat


Test Tube Polymer Snow is part of our wide range of space and science toys designed to entertain, educate and inspire children’s interest in space and science.


This product is also available for purchase in store at Space Place.