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Wahine Disaster DVD

$17.50 NZD

The Wahine Disaster Documentary, directed by Sharon Barbour, details the stories of passengers who survived the blackest day in Wellington’s history. This film features a striking recreation of the Wahine disaster and shares previously untold stories of survival.


Learn about the events that unfolded when, in the early morning of 10 April 1968, two violent storms merged over Wellington. The storm created a single cyclone that is still the worst recorded in New Zealand’s history. In this extraordinary storm the TEV Wahine foundered on Barrett Reef and sank near Steeple Rock at the mouth of Wellington Harbour. There were 610 passengers and 123 crew on board the Wahine (plus one stowaway) and of those, 53 were killed.


The Wahine Disaster documentary follows passengers who boarded the ferry on a beautiful calm night in Lyttleton. They ended up participants of New Zealand’s worst maritime disaster in living memory. Eyewitnesses and rescuers also recount their experiences that day.


  • Directed by Sharon Barbour of the BBC
  • 53 minute film
  • DVD
  • This DVD is compatible with all region codes


This product is also available for purchase in store at Wellington Museum