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Stainless Steel Pegs

$22.00 NZD

The Stainless Steel Pegs by CaliWoods are durable, eco-friendly and practical. No more broken, sun cracked plastic pegs!


This pack of 18 marine grade stainless steel pegs are sustainable and long-lasting. With no sharp edges, they're gentle on fabric and often leave less of an indent than plastic pegs. These eco-friendly pegs are perfectly finished and polished with a no-rust guarantee.


  • Pack of 18x Marine Grade Stainless Steel Clothing Pegs
  • Made from Type 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel
  • Perfectly finished and polished
  • Salt resistant with a no-rust guarantee
  • Each peg measures approximately 6cm x 3cm
  • Measures 0.2cm thick for durability
  • To ensure your Stainless Clothing Pegs stay in tip top shape for time to come, ensure you take care of them. If you live in a coastal location, we recommend rinsing your pegs every few weeks. This will prevent salt build up and extend their lifespan.


CaliWoods is passionate about providing reusable, high quality and long lasting alternatives to single-use plastic: a massive culprit for the pollution of our oceans and the health of our environment. When founder Shay Lawrence travelled to some of the most isolated pockets of the ocean, she found it hard to ignore the plastic pollution that followed her everywhere. Returning to New Zealand, Shay began CaliWoods with an aim to reduce plastic pollution, protect our oceans and inspire sustainable lifestyles.