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Daniel Crooks: everywhere instantly

$29.00 NZD

This cleverly designed paperback book with an expanding cover explores Daniel Crooks's fascinating compelling video works.


At a moment when much has been said about the possibilities of video and new media art, Crooks simultaneously takes us back to cinema's origins in the time-and-motion experiments of Marey and the Lumire brothers, and propels video art forward into exciting new territory. 


This book was made possible with the support of Arts Victoria and Christchurch City Council.


  • Written by Justin Paton et al.
  • Justin Paton describes how Crooks's works seem to carry us through space and time in multiple directions at once
  • Features fold-out cover


Born in Hastings, Daniel Crooks is best known for his work in photography, sculpture and digital video that focus and explore time and motion. 


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