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How do astronomers study planets, stars and galaxies? What are rovers and where have they landed? How do different telescopes work? What is a nebula? Beginner readers can find out the answers in Astronomy, along with lots more fascinating facts.


Amazing photographs and illustrations are combined with simple, easy-to-read text and a glossary explaining all the specialist terms used. Find out more about astronomy and stargazing online via Usborne Quicklinks, where you can find out what to see and when, as well as see the latest images captured by telescopes and rovers.


  • Recommended for ages 4+
  • Written by Emily Bone
  • Illustrated by John Fox
  • An Usborne Beginners children’s book
  • 32 pages
  • Hardback book

Emily Bone grew up among the rolling hills of Hampshire, writing stories about the ants and birds in her garden.Since then, she's written about many weird and wonderful creatures, along with books on space, fashion and food.

This book is part of our exciting and informative range of astronomy and science books available at Space Place. We hope our books will help educate and inspire readers of all ages and skill levels.

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