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Atua - Māori Gods and Heroes

$40.00 NZD

Gavin Bishop's stunning, once-in-a-generation compendium introduces readers to the pantheon of Māori gods, demigods and heroes, and explores Aotearoa's most exciting legends from the Creation to the Migration.



  • Written by Gavin Bishop
  • Meet the gods, demigods and heroes of the Māori people of Aotearoa in this breathtaking, large-scale illustrated book for children.
  • Margaret Mahy Book of the Year 2022
    Elsie Locke Award for Non-fiction 2022
    Russell Clark Award for Illustration 2022



Gavin Bishop (Tainui, Ngāti Awa) is a highly acclaimed children’s book author and illustrator of more than 70 books, whose work ranges from original stories to retellings of Māori myths, European fairy stories, and nursery rhymes.

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