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Brass Barometer

$285.00 NZD

Ever made plans only to be let down by a stormy unpredictable Wellington weather? Stay one step ahead with this beautiful Brass Barometer, which measures changes in atmospheric pressure.


Made using a quality German Fisher movement, this 3.5” brass aneroid barometer hosts a clock face inscribed with five weather descriptions: stormy, rain, change, fair and very dry.


  • Measures changes in atmospheric pressure 
  • Also indicates short term changes in the weather
  • Set in a brass case with hinged opening front and screw latch, it allows easy access for a specific altitude adjustment if required.
  • A flange base with drilled and countersunk holes allow for easy mounting to your bulkhead or wall.


Refined in style and effective in technology, the Brass Barometer makes a suitable gift for any seafaring recreational vessels or home.


This product is also available for purchase in store at Wellington Museum.