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Computers and Coding

$22.00 NZD

In Computers and Coding. flaps to lift on every page reveal what goes on inside a computer, how coding works and how computers talk to each other across the internet.


The principles of coding, from simple commands to algorithms, are explained with a treasure hunt game and puzzles, and there are examples of programs in the coding language Scratch™. Includes internet links to specially selected websites where children can discover more coding ideas, tips and games.


  • Board book introducing tamariki to the principles of coding
  • Written by Rosie Dickins
  • Illustrated by Shaw Nielsen
  • 16 pages
  • Hardcover board book
  • ISBN: 9781409591511


Computers and Coding is part of our exciting and informative range of astronomy, technology and science books available at Space Place. We hope our books will help educate and inspire readers of all ages and skill levels.


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