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Libertine Blends Runaway Rose Tea 15 Pack

$15.90 NZD

The Runaway Rose Organic Tea by Libertine Blends includes elderflower, rose, lavender and vanilla. Runaway Rose is designed to relax and calm the heart. This blend will truly bring you back to yourself.


Rose is the ultimate soothing botanical, combined with a tiny touch of lavender to ease restlessness and lower the heart rate. Elderflower and vanilla offer a comforting mildly honey flavour and natural sweetness.


Lovely in the afternoon in a quiet moment, or before bed for a dreamy end to the day. During times of high emotion this blend is a natural, nourishing comfort. Runaway Rose is especially suitable during pregnancy and for new parents.


  • Loose leaf tea generously portioned into 15 tea temples. Tea temples allow excellent infusion for optimum flavour and let our beautiful blends shine through as you can see the herbs, spices and premium quality tea. They are made of cornstarch and are commercially compostable. Perfect for busy moments or to take to work. Makes a giant cup or medium pot.
  • To enjoy hot: use one bag per large cup or medium teapot. Use water at 100°C. Infuse for 4–7 mins
  • To enjoy iced: Fill a jug with cold water. Infuse 2 bags : 1 L for 4–6 hours in the fridge
  • Blended in New Zealand from organic and wildcrafted herbs
  • Contains no caffeine, gluten, dairy, sweeteners or flavourings


Jacqui Wales started Libertine Blends in 2014 by blending delicious, organic tea – the kind that made her feel great and tasted delicious, the kind of tea she wanted to share with her family, enjoy in a cafe and gift to friends. Born in Berhampore, Wellington, Libertine Blends began with an appetite to create blends that taste as great as they smell and are as delightful to drink as they are beautiful.


The Runaway Rose Organic Tea by Libertine Blends is also available to purchase in store at Wellington Museum.