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The Periodic Table Book

$40.00 NZD

The Periodic Table Book is a stunning visual encyclopedia of the elements. This eye-popping encyclopedia takes you on a tour of all the world's elements.

From argon to zinc, each and every one of the 118 chemical elements are explored in dazzling detail. You'll be in your element as you discover the incredible variety of building blocks that make up our Universe and learn the remarkable ways we now use them.

More than 1,000 photographs showcase the natural forms of each element and the range of everyday and unusual objects where they can be seen. This helps children understand exactly where the different elements have found their place in the world.

The true science behind the elements is explained in properties, atomic structure, and table position. This essential book turns the tables on traditional reference and presents the periodic table as never before to appeal to school children today.

  • A visual encyclopedia of the 118 chemical elements
  • Hardback book
  • 208 pages
  • ISBN: 9780241240434

Included is a giant, glossy pull-out poster, perfect to aid classroom discussions or to dazzle on bedroom walls.