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Unicorn Points

$8.00 NZD

These Unicorn Points are natural quartz crystals that have been plated with different metals to give them a colourful aura.


Quartz is a major constituent of the earth’s crust as well as one of the most important rock-forming minerals. The chemical composition of quartz is silicon dioxide (SiO2) – also known as silica.


A distinctive feature of quartz is its hardness, which means that it polishes well and is not easily broken. The appearance of quartz is variable – it may be coloured or colourless; transparent, cloudy or opaque.


  • Small single Unicorn Point
  • Each piece measures approximately 2.5-5cm in length
  • Assorted colours available. Yours will be chosen at random.
  • Each piece is unique in size and shape and may not match those pictured


Our range from British Fossils includes a fascinating array of minerals, from amethyst to iron pyrite. These bright and colourful pieces are ideal gifts for budding geologists.