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Apostle Saint Phillip - Roasted Capsicum and Chilli Hot Sauce

$16.00 NZD

The Saint Phillip by Apostle is a delicious new take on a classic red hot sauce. Slow roasted capsicum and manzano chillies create a rich, smokey depth of flavour for this exquisite sauce.



  • 150ml bottle
  • Ingredients: capsicum (35%), red wine vinegar, manzano chilli (8%), onion, black pepper, cumin, smoked paprika, garlic powder, salt.



Apostle Hot Sauce offer a unique range of small batch sauces handmade in Paekākāriki. Their aim is to create a delicious range of flavours inspired by New Zealand's wonderfully diverse culinary landscape. Apostle prioritise using fresh and local ingredients to create their vibrant range of sauces, and view each bottle as a work of art. 


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