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Kea Soft Toy with Sound

$25.00 NZD

The Kea Soft Toy with Sound is an adorable plush version of New Zealand’s curious kea bird - the world's only alpine parrot.


When squeezed, this cute little soft toy lets out authentic kea sounds. The endangered kea is known for its mischievous behaviour including stealing food, damaging cars and even throwing stones!


This children’s toy includes all of the native bird’s iconic features such as its olive green feathers, grey-black bill and brightly coloured underwings. It makes a lovely gift for little ones.


  • Soft toy version of New Zealand’s endangered kea bird
  • 15cm tall
  • Makes real kea sounds when squeezed


The Kea Soft Toy with Sound is part of our collection of soft toys designed by Antics. The range showcases our native birds and their sounds.