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Bill Hammond - Across the Evening Sky

$70.00 NZD

An artist with a singular vision, Bill Hammond was one of the greats of Aotearoa’s art history.

This exquisite book shows the artist at his finest, focusing on his legendary bird and cave paintings. Designed as the companion to Bill’s award-winning book Jingle Jangle Morning, it includes more than thirty major paintings, including mesmerising details, picking up where the first book left off in 2007.


  • Written by Peter Vangioni with Tony de Lautour, Rachael King, Nic Low, Paul Scofield and Ariana Tikao
  • Features texts by Peter Vangioni, Rachael King, Nic Low, Paul Scofield and Ariana Tikao, as well as an exclusive interview between Bill and fellow artist Tony de Lautour
  • Includes responses to Bill's practice by artists from around the country



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