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Art Monthly Australasia

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Art Monthly is Australasia’s flagship visual arts publication, providing a critical platform for its artists. Published since 1987 under six full-time editors (Peter Townsend, Peter Timms, Philippa Kelly, Deborah Clark, Maurice O’Riordan and, from 2014, Michael Fitzgerald), it is Australasia’s only visual arts magazine placing visual arts in a contemporary, historical and regional context.

Based at the Australian National University since 1992, Art Monthly is a non-profit charitable organisation whose income is derived from sales of the magazine, advertising, sponsorship and government funding. Its board comprises leaders in their fields of visual arts scholarship, practice and curating, along with business and finance.

Since 2015, Art Monthly has also fostered critical discourse across the Asia-Pacific region with a new International Council, which, along with increased participation at international art fairs and biennales, is helping to provide a meaningful new context for its visual artists.

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