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Kaupapa Boardgame

$115.00 NZD

Nāwai i kore kupu, ka matomato te tupu!


From reo zero to kōrero hero! KAUPAPA is the board game for a bilingual Aotearoa. With 900 words spanning rākau to rangatira, KAUPAPA is your chance to have hysterical fun, use your reo and expand your Māori vocabulary at once! It is a word description game that can be played at any level - beginners can use it to learn new words, and fluent speakers can create a fast-paced, playful Māori language immersion environment.


  • Includes 1 Gameboard, 150 Word cards, 12 Maui cards, 3 Reference cards, 3 Team tokens, 1 Timer, 1 Game guide, 1 Coin


Kura Rehia is passionate about celebrating te reo Māori through play, creating board games, resources and events for a bilingual Aotearoa. Their aim is for Aotearoa to experience te reo Māori as central to how we have fun together as whanau and friends. 


Available online and in-store at Cable Car Museum, Space Place and Wellington Museum. Explore our collection of jewellery, taonga, souvenirs, science-themed gifts and more from across Aotearoa New Zealand.