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Modeletto Air Dry Clay Pottery Kit - Junior

$60.00 NZD

Modelettos air-dry clay kits are equipped with everything that your child, niece / nephew, grandchild, or friend's children need, to get their hands messy, and enjoy a sensory experience - a bonus if they end up with an animal of some form or something to put some dried flowers in.

No kilns are required - Model your shape at home and let it air-dry. Clay is not water-resistant. Perfect for all ages above 2 years with supervision. 

Kit includes:

  • non-toxic air-dry clay
  • sculpting tools + sponge + paint brushes
  • instruction + inspiration booklet
  • non-toxic paints (primary colours) + sealant
  • eco-friendly products + packaging 



Modeletto is a local New Zealand pottery business hoping to provide a play-based escape for the modern age. Modeletto pottery kits are designed to be simple and easy-to-use, enabling busy people to disconnect from the world of work and stress and reconnect with their inner creator. 


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