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My Pictures after the Storm

$22.00 NZD

A funky little children’s book that takes the “before and after” concept to unexpected places.

A gust of wind, an elephant, a dive bomb, a spell: this funky “before and after” book will have you chuckling!
What happens to a lion after the storm? His mane is swept into a dishevelled mess. What becomes of a pear after an elephant passes by? Pear jam! A frog after a spell? A prince. And the room after a battle? A big mess!

Comical illustrations, witty wordplay, and new rhymes and jokes to find with each re-reading.


  • Written and Illustrated by Eric Veillé
  • Translated by Daniel Hahn
  • Published by Gecko Press
  • Reader Age: 0-5 year


Éric Veillé was born in 1976 in Laval and studied at the Duperré School in Paris. While working as an artistic director in publishing, he decided one spring day to devote himself to writing and children’s book illustration. He has since released many books.


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