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Paku Timo

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The Paku Timo was born when one day, while picking up his son from kohanga reo, Dr Johnson Witehira noticed something. The tools the kids were using in the sandpit were all European in origin; trowels, small forks and spades. Knowing that Māori once had traditional gardening tools, Witehira wondered, can we make new tools for tamariki? Ones that are from here, Aotearoa.

The Paku Timo is a reimagining of traditional agricultural tools used in Aotearoa. It combines mātauranga Māori and expert knowledge of Māori design with contemporary production methods. Sustainably made and durable, it's crafted from locally sourced, post-industrial waste recycled nylon. 

  • Gardening tools for tamariki inspired by traditional Māori agriculture
  • Made in New Zealand
  • Made from high quality recycled nylon
  • Lashing made from natural and pango jute twine

Paku is a New Zealand design studio dedicated to creating products uniquely of Aotearoa. Created by long-time friends Dr Johnson Witehira (Ngāti Hinekura, Ngāi-tū-te-auru) and James Prier, Paku's kaupapa is of inclusivity and pride in Māori culture and language as tangata whenua and tangata tiriti, which they hope to make more accessible to everyone. Paku products are developed and produced in Te Whanganui-a-Tara and Manawatū for all of Aotearoa to experience.