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Puaki - Small Earrings

$41.00 NZD

Just like the pearl this design reveals itself, emerging from the union of the dark night and ocean. The central niwha design depicts tenacity and determination transforming to reveal an expression of rare beauty.


  • Features: Hand-painted etching
  • Bound by: Tarnish-free, gold-plated and orginal hand-made hooks
  • 16mm (w) x 29mm (h) - does not include hook measurements



Based in Whakatane, MISS MAIA features a collection of bright and bold futurist jewellery designs that weave traditional Māori symbolism and contemporary materials togethereach with their own story to tellMISS MAIA seekto re-indigenise, remember, and reclaim inviting others to express their own creativity and whakapapaMade from laser-cut acrylic material and assembled by hand.


Available online and in-store at City Gallery Wellington and Wellington Museum. Explore our collection of jewellery, taonga, souvenirs, science-themed gifts and more from across Aotearoa New Zealand.