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Tōrua - Earrings

$72.00 NZD

This design represents a moment of divergence, a change in direction just like a stream coming away from the main river. To grow and innovate we must forge new paths.


  • Features: The gold chains connect the earrings to the hand-made hooks while forming taimana (diamond shape) in the negative space to complement the silhouette of the main acrylic piece.
  • Bound by: Gold earring hooks hand-made for MISS MAIA earrings.
  • Dimensions: 56mm (w) x 80mm (h) (excluding earring hook) - XL size 


Based in Whakatane, MISS MAIA features a collection of bright and bold futurist jewellery designs that weave traditional Māori symbolism and contemporary materials togethereach with their own story to tellMISS MAIA seekto re-indigenise, remember, and reclaim inviting others to express their own creativity and whakapapaMade from laser-cut acrylic material and assembled by hand.


Available online and in-store at City Gallery Wellington and Wellington Museum. Explore our collection of jewellery, taonga, souvenirs, science-themed gifts and more from across Aotearoa New Zealand.