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Super Bright Star

$200.00 NZD

The perfect gift to honour those bright spots and leading lights in your life, our Adopt a Star: Super Bright Star package allows you to adopt an icon of the night sky.


Honor the Lodestar in your life. A perfect gift for mentors and those who’ve guided you along the way, or to celebrate the achievements of someone following their dreams, our Super Bright Star package lets you choose from the "who's who" of the celestial world such as Betelgeuse, Rigel, and Canopus.


Your adopted star is is visible from New Zealand and unique to you through the Space Place programme.


Your Adopt a Star: Super Bright Star package contains:

  • A certificate dedicating the selected star to a nominated person or event
  • Coordinates and instructions on how to locate your adopted star in the night sky
  • Background information on your star’s constellation and type
  • A sheet of astronomical terms
  • A large A4 flatpack star supporter model to assemble
  • A complimentary pass for Adult or Child General Admission to Space Place


Other options available include Binary Stars, and Single stars.


When purchasing, please enter the following information in the Order Notes section at checkout:

  • Name/s or event you would like to appear on the certificate
  • Date to appear on the certificate. If left blank no date will be added.
  • Personalised message to appear on the certificate (max 70 characters). If left blank no message will be added.


The Adopt a Star programme run by Space Place does not provide any legal entitlement or scientific naming rights.


You can also adopt a Super Bright Star in store at Space Place.