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Wool Scarf - Narnia

$110.00 NZD

Simply beautiful luxury, textural and colourful, this Stansborough scarf will brighten your Narnia wardrobe.


Made from 100% ‘Stansborough Grey’ wool in a combination of unique overdyed reds. Fabric actually worn as sashes by the warrior centaurs during their adventures through Narnia. 

This fabric has three shades of red, bright red, just red and burgundy in the base with options of just red/fun red or just red/bright gold in the weft. The lustrous overdyed grey wool gives this a shot silk look which is stunning against darker winter clothing a superb unisex warm, stylish, scarf for your own Narnia winter adventure.


  • Size: 28 x 180cm
  • Colour: Red/Gold, Red/Red and Gold/Gold
  • Content: Stansborough Grey Wool (with biodegradable overdyes over a natural grey base)
  • By Stansborough


World-renowned brand Stansborough are known famously as the textile wizards of the Middle Earth franchise. You may recognise their weaves in cloaks worn by iconic characters. Stansborough are a family-owned business who source their materials from the Wairarapa, which are then spun into beautiful creations right here in Pōneke. 


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