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15cm Plasma Ball

$65.00 NZD

Science doesn't get any cooler than this! Tesla's Plasma Ball is a lamp and science experiment in one.


This lamp is a colourful way of observing electrical discharges and does double-duty as awesome decor. Named for Nikola Tesla, whose explorations into the world of electricity were so ahead of his time, people thought his experiments were real magic.


The globe itself is filled with three inert gases (neon, argon and xenon), and a high frequency electrode is in the centre. Place your fingertips on the lamp and watch the filaments glow. It's like creating your own personal bolt of lightning from the electrode to your finger! 


  • Measures approximately 15cm in diameter
  • Runs on both AC power and batteries
  • Age guide: from 8 years
  • Smaller, USB and battery powered version available
  • Warning: this item is not a toy. Children should be supervised at all times. It should not be placed near sensitive electronic equipment, and is not suitable for people with a pacemaker.


The Plasma Ball is also available for purchase in store at Space Place.