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How Maui Slowed the Sun

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How Maui Slowed the Sun is a beloved Māori myth about how Maui outwitted Te Ra, as told by the iconic author and illustrator Peter Gossage.


Faced with too short days and long nights Maui comes up with a plan to slow the sun's passage through the sky. With the help of his brothers, Maui sets out for the home of the sun to catch it and make it move more slowly.


  • Written and illustrated by Peter Gossage
  • 32 pages
  • Paperback book
  • ISBN: 9780143505181


Peter Gossage was the storyteller and illustrator of more than 20 books for children. He was a master of retelling important Māori myths, including Hinemoa and Tutanekai and Pania of the Reef. The powerful combination of dramatic and distinctive illustrations with minimal yet evocative text has earned each tale its place among the beloved classics of our literature. Peter's stories will never lose their relevancy for New Zealand children, and many of his stories have been made into short films that are played on Māori Television. Peter passed away on July 30, 2016.