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Mini Whio Soft Toy and Finger Puppet

$14.00 NZD

The Mini Whio Soft Toy and Finger Puppet is an adorably tiny plush version of New Zealand’s native whio, or blue duck.


The whio is only found in Aotearoa. It is an iconic back-country species, and it features on the New Zealand $10 note. It is a nationally vulnerable species and faces a risk of becoming extinct.


This children’s toy includes some of the blue duck’s iconic features such as its slate blue-grey colouring, chestnut spotting on the breast and yellow eyes. It makes a lovely gift for tamariki.


  • Soft toy version of New Zealand’s native whio
  • Hole underneath allows it to also be used as a finger puppet 
  • Measures approximately 12cm tall


The Mini Whio Soft Toy and Finger Puppet is part of our collection of soft toys designed by Antics. The range showcases our native birds, critters and creepy crawlies.