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Takahe Soft Toy with Sound

$25.00 NZD

The Takahe Soft Toy with Sound is an adorable plush version of New Zealand’s native takahē.


The flightless takahē is a unique bird, a conservation icon and a survivor. The South Island takahē is the world’s largest living rail (a family of small-medium sized ground-dwelling birds with short wings, large feet and long toes). The North Island takahē is unfortunately extinct.


Although they look similar to their distant relative the pūkeko, takahē are much larger and more brightly coloured. Takahē weigh between 2.3 – 3.8 kg. They live for 16–18 years in the wild and 20–22 years at sanctuary sites.


This children’s toy includes some of the takahē's iconic features such as its bright red bill and frontal shield, deep blue head and neck and olive green wings and back. It makes a lovely gift for little ones.


  • Soft toy version of New Zealand’s native takahē
  • Makes takahē sounds when squeezed


The Takahe Soft Toy with Sound is part of our collection of soft toys designed by Antics. The range showcases our native birds, critters and creepy crawlies.