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Aroha Te Whai Ora

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Aroha Te Whai Ora is the Māori language edition of Aroha’s Way - a bestselling picture book for children around uncomfortable emotions; fear, apprehension, worrying thoughts and nervousness with ways to manage them.


Nau mai, hoake tātou ko Aroha, i a ia e kaupare ana i te taiatea, i te mataku, i te māharahara, me te anipā, ki ana tukanga māmā ka taea e te katoa.


This beautiful picture books takes children on a journey through emotions associated with anxiety and shows simple yet effective ways to help manage them.  Aroha shows children a tool that she uses for each emotion which includes; movement or exercise, belly breathing or diaphragmatic breathing, mindfulness and connecting with others and sharing our worries.


At the back of the book, there is a section for parents and/or teachers to explore the tools in more depth. This section expands on the beautiful poem and opens up conversations with our children. Asking questions around those emotions to make it easier for children to recognise the emotion, and then a simple way to manage it.


  • Te reo Māori edition of Aroha's Way
  • Nā Karena Kelly i whakamāori
  • Written by Rebekah Lipp and Craig Phillips
  • 36 pages
  • Paperback book
  • ISBN: 9780473527457


Craig Phillips has worked as a professional illustrator for the US and Australian publishing industries for twenty years. His client list includes Random House, Scholastic, Simon and Schuster, Hachette, Hardie Grant, Bloomsbury, Oxford University Press and many more.


With a passion to bring awareness to the mental health of children from her own personal story, Rebekah 'Bex' Lipp has now been asked to speak at events around the topic of the creation of Aroha’s Way, anxiety and mental health. Using the skills she has learnt throughout her journey with anxiety, depression, self-harm, body dismorphia and Borderline Personality Disorder she is creating books with messages to help children connect with their emotions and learn ways to regulate them.