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Large Framed Manaia

$135.00 NZD

The Large Framed Manaia by Aeon Giftware is designed and made in Rotorua. Created using a mix of traditional and modern woodworking techniques, this art piece incorporates contemporary design and traditional Māori symbolism.


This piece of art boasts super fine detail, paua inlay and is mounted on an earth-toned background inside a custom glass covered shadow box frame. Each piece is individually signed by the artist and comes complete with a wall mount and stand.


On the rear of the frame you'll find information on manaia as symbols, giving background to the practice of Māori carving and culture.  The Large Framed Manaia pairs contemporary design with traditional values, making this the perfect corporate or personal gift inspired by Aotearoa's Māori heritage.  


Manaia, or the guardian spirit, in Māori carving serves as a protector from evil. They normally have the head of a bird representing the sky, the body of a man representing earth, and the tail of a fish representing the sea. Together these are symbolic of harmony and balance between spiritual realms.  


  • Large framed Manaia artwork crafted from plantation grown gaboon using laser technology
  • Designed and made in Rotorua by a small, passionate team
  • Included is background information on the symbols used
  • Frame measures 17cm x 22cm x 2.8cm
  • Comes attractively boxed, ready to give as a gift 


Mike Carlton of Aeon Giftware is of Ngāti Whakaue and has affiliations to the Hinemoa Point Marae in Rotorua.  Inspired by their Māori heritage, the team at Aeon Giftware are passionate about creating works of art which portray the beauty of Māori  carving and design.  From their workshop in Rotorua they produce high quality artworks using a combination of traditional and modern woodworking techniques.  


This piece is part of a larger range of framed artworks from Aeon Giftware.


This product is also available for purchase in store at Wellington Museum and Cable Car Museum.