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Morepork 3D Cardboard Model Kit

$19.00 NZD

The Dodoland Morepork 3D Cardboard Model Kit is part of a range of collectible models of New Zealand creatures to assemble yourself. It's made from biodegradable materials including high quality cardboard, eco-friendly ink and non-toxic glue.


The morepork is a small, dark, forest-dwelling owl living in New Zealand. Often heard in the forest at dusk and throughout the night, the morepork (Ninox novaeseelandiae) is known for its haunting, melancholic call. Its Māori name, ruru, reflects this call.


  • Pack includes cardboard pieces, non-toxic glue, eyes and instructions for assembly
  • Cardboard pieces are individually numbered and come on flat cards
  • The Dodoland range also includes a kiwi, fantail and tuatara. Collect them all!
  • Designed in Whangarei, New Zealand


Overall assembly of this model takes between 45 minutes and 1 hour with each piece numbered for easy assembly. Visit to see how easy it is.


The Dodoland Morepork 3D Cardboard Model Kit is also available for purchase in store at Wellington Museum and Cable Car Museum.