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Hoihoi Turituri

$24.00 NZD

A te reo Māori edition of the top-selling The Noisy Book.

With over 100 pages, this unique boardbook is full of bright, bold illustrations and lots of noises to make—it’s perfect to share with a baby or toddler.


Ka aauuuuu te wūruhi [The wolf goes aaooooo]
Ka ū ū ū te makimaki [The monkey goes oo oo oo]
Ka kū kū te kererū [The pigeon goes coo coo]
Ka kihi kihi a Māmā [Mother goes kiss kiss]


  • Written and illustrated by Soledad Bravi
  • Translated by Ruia Aperahama
  • Reader Age: 0-2 year


Soledad Bravi was born in 1965 in Paris. She has worked as an artistic director in advertising before returning to drawing. Today she is the author of many books and draws for French Elle magazine.


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